Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fight Science: Ninja Strike

Ninja's are known for stealth attacks and an advanced weaponry skill set. Their strikes (both punches and kicks) are not as powerful as other martial arts strikes, but they are equally devastating.

For example, a strike to the axillary nerve (found on near the armpit) causes erratic electric signal firing. Pain aside, the punch causes a circuit overload, and the body cannot cope with the electrical impulses being sent throughout it. Along with a flood of calcium and potassium, the body shuts down.

The most famous ninja strike is probably to the vagus nerve (found above the jugular vein). Connected to the brain and heart, a strike to the vagus nerve causes erratic electrical discharges which the brain interprets as stress on the heart. In response, the brain slows heartbeat. Translation: the opponent collapses.

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