Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object

What would happen if the "Unstoppable Force" (UF) hit the "Immovable Object" (IO)? One blog had a cool answer.

It is impossible for both to exist, but if they did, then:

1) You must have an infinite universe, infinite mass for the IO, and infinite kinetic energy for the UF.

2) An UF means no vector or speed change is possible - meaning no transfer of energy is possible ... so there is no conservation of momentum. An IO means it must be infinitely large, being the size of the infinite universe itself.

3) If the IO is the entire universe, the UF does not exist in the same universe. String theory posits a world of parallel/multiple universes which worm holes connect to one another. So since the UF and IO exist in 2 different dimensions/universes, collision could only occur if the UF entered a wormhole and hit the IO.

4) If the IO is the entire universe, the UF cannot enter this infinite universe and simply enters 1 worm hole and leaves another but not that of the IO. This retains the UF infinite kinetic energy and vector, and the IO infinite mass and size.

THEREFORE: if the UF hit the IO, all universes and dimentions would cease to exist, resulting in the apocalypse.

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