Monday, March 29, 2010

Eye Tattoos

Yes - there are such things as eye tattoos.

First tattoo artists use a traditional needle with ink. If the ink doesn't hold, they switch to a syringe that injects ink into the eye. The ink then slowly floods across the white portion of the eyeball over the next few weeks.

As expected, cornea tattooing is extremely dangerous. Infection, even perforation and hemorrhage are very possible. Most enthusiasts find that doctors, while willing to consult on the procedure, never performed it, leaving it to a tattoo artist.

Cosmetics aside, there are medical benefits to eye tattoos such as if the eye is burnt or cut, the tattoo can cover scars. It also helps with leucoma - an opaque white blemish - and keeps the eye's natural appearance.

Here's a scary video of a cosmetic eye tattoo.

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