Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cooking with the Sun

CNN reports a novel method of cooking cheap enough that it can be readily used in the 3rd world, and will simultaneously help clean the environment.

Jon Bøhmer's 'Kyoto Box' is made of cardboard, a black interior, aluminum foil-covered top panels, and a plexiglass cover, trapping sunlight to cook, bake, clean water and dry food. The box avoids smoke inhalation, fire hazards, and time loss due to the gathering of firewood. It also helps in the fight against carbon emissions, rising energy costs, and deforestation.

So how much of a background in science does one need to help discover the next big green solution? Not much if you have Bøhmer's luck, "This took me about a weekend, and it worked on the first try. It's mind-boggling how simple it is."

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